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Injury Playground Accident

Your tax money pays for the upkeep and care of school and government property. So if your bicycle sends you flying after hitting a pothole, or your child suffers a bad injury on the grade school playground, you may have cause and standing for a claim.


If you've been hurt on public property, call Louis J Cerrato, PC immediately. Liability claims against schools or municipalities often require filing within 90 days. We know the rules well, and can protect your rights against deliberately obscure technicalities.

Restitution for playgrounds and municipal site accident

You can fight not only schools, but City Hall too

• Public property accidents

• Accidents during school-supervised activities

• Injuries suffered on sidewalks and in parking lots

• Harm caused by poorly maintained city streets and state roads

• Playground accidents

• Any injuries suffered on city park sidewalks and recreation equipment

• Harmful impacts from slipping or falling in school or government buildings

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