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Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice

If you make a mistake playing softball, a baserunning blunder may cost a game. If people make mistakes in health facilities, your loved ones may suffer disabilities or even death.

Louis J Cerrato, PC will help you seek compensation for such devastating errors.


Sometimes a specific individual has made an incorrect diagnosis and recommended what turns out to be a deadly "treatment." Other times, a poor hospital protocol may be at fault. Request your FREE consultation, and we'll help you choose your next step.

Experienced medical malpractice recovery

Common actionable issues in malpractice cases

• Injuries suffered during childbirth

• Divergence from recognized best health care practices

• Failure to diagnose a serious medical condition

• Neglect or overt abuse in hospitals and long-term care facilities

• Dosing errors by nurses or other health care personnel

• Preventable accidents during treatment, anesthesia, or surgery

Slips and falls during treatment, recovery, or improperly supervised care

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